Admission procedure

Please help us to deal with all the necessary entry formalities as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible

Upon arrival at the Goldenes Kreuz, please contact the Admission Office or call us at +43 1 40 111 - 9532 or 9533. For further information, please read our admission agreement.

We would ask you to bring the following items with you when you check in:

  • blood type record card
  • all recent medical and laboratory records
  • personal toiletry articles (you will find some toiletry articels for free in your room), night or morning gown, pyjama, slippers


What we need from you is your social insurance number and/or the number of your supplementary private insurance policy. Please be sure to inquire with your private insurance carrier whether the policy will cover the cost of your stay at our clinic.

For further information, please call our billing department at +43 1 40 111 - 9555.

If you are a private patient and prefer to settle your accounts directly with our clinic, ask for your information leaflet with a list of prices based on the type and category of room or apartment requested. 


Admission procedure
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