After care

After care

Getting into shape soon with the help of our specialized staff.


  • Individual early postnatal gymnastics under the direction of chief physician Katharina Pils, M.D., who heads our Institute of Physical Medicine.
  • Individual treatment of pain and restricted mobility during the postpartal period
  • Assistance and advice from a dietician (optimal nutrition during lactation, controlled and safe weight loss)
  • A customized home training program

Ambulant postpartum exercise classes

We help you regain your physical fitness faster after the birth of your child! Already in the early post-pregnancy period, you can start by doing some exercises with the help of our physiotherapists that will make the first few weeks at home easier for you. Three to five weeks after delivery, you can already begin with a program of physical postpartum exercise classes offered by the Goldenes Kreuz on an outpatient basis. For mothers who have delivered by cesarean section, postpartum exercise classes also start in week 3-5 after childbirth.

Our physiotherapists will assist you in practising the optimal body posture correctly to prevent incontinence ant to achieve general relaxation. Appointments are available every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in the gym of the Goldenes Kreuz. The cost of the program is 16,50 Euro per session (60 minutes); booklets of 5 or 10 tickets are available for 77 and 149 Euro, respectively.

It goes without saying that you are always welcome to bring along your baby to the gymnastics course!

For more information, call +43 1 40 111 - 8702.

After care
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