We will take good care of you.

A unique moment of your life lies just ahead of you: the birth of your child . There are many questions to ask and many plans to realize.

Our team of experienced midwives, ward or child nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians are there to help you and to make sure that these moments before, during and after birth will indeed be "golden" moments for you and your family. You may, of course, also ask your preferred midwives to be with you during childbirth. We offer you five in-house specialists in gynecology and obstretics who are at your disposal around the clock, as are our specialists in anesthetics and intensive care medicine.


Knowing that hardly any other phase in life raises as many questions as the birth of a child, we are pleased to offer a wide range of additional services and courses.

Before birth

During birth

  • Three modern delivery rooms
  • Relaxation bath
  • Birth chair
  • Support rope
  • Midwife-assisted delivery
  • Modern pain therapies
  • Wall bars
  • Water birth
  • The possibility to to collect umbilical cord blood with the purpose of retrieving and storing blood stem cells

After birth


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