Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine offers many experts in internal medicine specialties. The main focus is on oncology and diabetology.


The Department of Internal Medicine in the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital has a total of 33 beds, including 12 double rooms and 9 single rooms. Although the main focus of the department is primarily on oncology (as the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital was the first private clinic in Austria with its own certified breast health center) and on diabetology, numerous experts in the field of internal secondary specialization are available, covering the entire spectrum of internal medicine. Due to the close cooperation with (affiliated physicians) of the Medical University of Vienna / the AKH Vienna we are able to offer our patients the most optimal and modern therapies.

In good cooperation within the other departments of the house, our physicians and patients are offered the following facilities as well as examination facilities:


  • 24 hours (long term) - ECG
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • echocardiography
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Ergometrie
  • bronchoscopy
  • Gastro- and coloscopy, etc.


In addition to conventional x-ray and ultrasound examinations such as color-coded duplex sonography, the on-site x-ray department also enables timely CT examinations and various invasive procedures such as biopsies or preoperative markings. 

Nuclear medical examinations and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are carried out in cooperation with the private clinic Döbling, another clinic of the PremiQaMed group. 

The in-house laboratory guarantees a fast delivery of results. 

During inpatient treatment, we can offer our patients physiotherapy, nutritional advice and, if necessary, bioimpedance analysis. 

Due to the wide range of medical specialists in all medical disciplines, consultation requirements are quick and easy to accomplish.

A 24-hour presence of an anesthetist (as well as a specialist in gynecology) in-house ensures optimal patient care even in critical situations.

In addition to the support provided by the perfectly coordinated care team of the internal department under the management of DGKP Elisabeth Kuba, we also offer our (oncological) patients psychological support. 

An additional service is provided by our "Breast Care Nurses" as well as a "pharmacological consultation" by pharmacists of the Auge Gottes pharmacy. This ensures that our patients are already supplied with all the necessary medicines at the time of discharge. 

If necessary, an active discharge management is carried out to optimize extramural patient care.

Due to the wide range of services, the Department of Internal Medicine of the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital unites the highest medical level with a lived-in service awareness and a familiar ambience for well-being.


Internal Medicine

Gottfried J. Locker

Prim. Univ.-Prof. 
Dr. Gottfried J. Locker, MD

Head of Internal Medicine


Elisabeth Kuba

DGKP Elisabeth Kuba
Ward manager - Internal Medicine

T: +43 1 40 111 - 1350
F: +43 1 40 111 - 1555

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