X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging Department

X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging Department

Univ.-Doz. Dr. Hans Jantsch - Dr. Andreas Brezina


The X-ray department is equipped with up to date technology.

We offer


A new CT-Scanner and new ultrasound machines allow high-quality cross-sectional imaging.

Mammograms are performed with modern equipment, which guarantees a low radiation dose. The Hologic Selenia™ Dimensions™ system, our new mammographic device, performs breast tomosynthesis in a platform optimized for both 3D and all conventional 2D imaging modes.

More information: http://www.hologic.com

All pathologic findings undergo double reading.


The interdisciplinary teamwork with the referring physician is a very important issue in our policy.

Therefore we ask for complete information regarding the referral such as:

  • previous X-ray-, ultrasound- and MR-exams
  • histological and cytological reports
  • blood tests
  • reports of operations


In each case requiring short term intervention, we call the referring physician.

We are contractors of all Public Health Insurance Companies in Austria.

X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging Department

Please contact our reception desk for an appointment:

Phone +43 1  40 111 - 8500

Fax       +43 1  40 111 - 8501


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