Terms of payment

Terms of payment

There are various possibilities for the financial settlement

  • Patients without private supplementary insurance
    Of course, you can also use the services of our private clinic as a self-payer. The employees of our invoicing department are happy to provide you with price information or cost estimates. For example, we offer an attractive package for the birth in our clinic, if you are socially insured in Austria. When you are admitted to our clinic, we request a deposit. Doctor's advice should always be discussed with the physician.
  • Patients with private supplementary insurance in Austria
    Your private supplementary insurance usually covers the stay in our private clinic in a twin room. In this case, the costs will be charged directly to your private supplementary insurance. For an existing twin-bedded room, a single-bed room is available with extra charge.
    Should you have a private supplementary insurance with a deductible, you will receive the final invoice from our clinic after your supplementary insurance.
    Since the insurance cover and a possible deductible are only evident from your policy, we ask you to clarify this before your stay with your competent insurance consultant.


  • Patients with private, international supplementary insurance 
    Please clarify before your stay with your supplementary insurance, if and which costs are taken over. We will require a written cost gurarantee of your supplementary insurance or a security deposit, if the Golden Cross does not have a direct settlement contract with your insurance company.


  • Direct settlement agreements
    We can settle your stay directly with all Austrian private health insurance, as well as almost all Austrian social insurance schemes and several international health insurance schemes (direct settlement agreements).


Terms of payment

All major credit cards are accepted.


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