Your meals

The meals offered at the Goldenes Kreuz are based on the principles of healthy nutrition and traditional Austrian cuisine. We primarily use fresh ingredients and often include organic products.


Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you can choose from four menus of the day:


  • "light & lactose-free"

An easily digestible basic diet for chronic and acute disorders of the digestive system. This type of cuisine leaves out all kinds of foodstuffs and ingredients known to cause food intolerance in more than 5% of patients (onions, legumes, cucumber salad, fatty food, cabbage, smoked meat etc.). Instead, meals of this category are made up of mildly flavored and gently cooked ingredients and are low in lactose in order to cater to the needs of our patients with lactose intolerance.


  • "conscious & regional"

This diet is based on the principles of healthy nutrition and traditional regional cuisine. It is suitable for all patients without any further dietary restrictions. 


  • "wholesome & vital“

Based on the principles of healthy nutrition, this type of cuisine is centered around fish, vegetables and whole-meal products and is suitable for all patients without any further dietary restrictions.


  • "mild & nourishing" (convalescent diet)

An easily digestible, low-fat convalescent diet used after digestive surgery or caesarians. Portions are kept small and do not include raw fruit or vegetables.


Of course you can also mix and match, assembling your meal from different menus. In addition, you can also choose from our à la carte menu.


If you require a special kind of diet, please consult our in-house dietician, who will be happy to assemble an individual menu for you.  Also feel free to contact our dietician for questions and seminars regarding healthy nutrition.


We are also happy to cater to any religious or other personal diet requirements such as vegetarian or wholefood meals. Please discuss your individual needs with the nurse on duty.


Meals for visitors

If you would like to eat together with one of your guests, you can order a visitor’s meal from the menu of the day or the à la carte menu – simply ask our nursing team for an order form!

Your meals
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