Nursing information

Nursing information

The nursing team of the Goldenes Kreuz private clinic welcomes you at our hospital!

Our philosophy centers on comprehensive care for all our patients.


Like all other departments of our hospital, we always strive to improve our services by way of continuous evaluation.

Our nursing services include the following:


  • Unit care

Under the supervision of a specially trained charge nurse, our team of qualified health and nursing professionals will take care of your well-being. In compliance with our nursing and hygiene standards, we always strive to provide you with the best possible medical as well as personal care.  


  • Care process

During your admission interview (nursing anamnesis), we want to get to know you better and answer any questions you might have. Based on your details, we work out the perfect nursing diagnosis, procedures and objectives and develop an individual care plan and nursing report, in which we document the progress of your treatment. 


  • Nursing rounds

During our daily nursing rounds, the effects of your diagnostic, therapeutic and nursing measures are discussed. Your treatment is supervised by your admitting doctor, whom we are happy to contact for you at any time.


  • Mobilization

It’s very important for us to maintain and restore your mobility. Based on your doctor’s diagnosis, an individual therapy plan allows for specific discharge preparations and provision of potential surgical appliances.


  • Positive thinking

is an important part of the healing process. That’s why we take great care to keep you motivated!

With our “Time for me” wellness program we offer you a variety of holistic activities for your relaxation and well-being. ----more


  • Support

We want to offer you our support without patronizing you. If there are any problems or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to ask our nursing staff!


  • Information

Patient information is only disclosed to outside parties with consent of the patient. Medical information is only given by your attending doctor. For all nursing-related questions please consult your nursing staff or Head Nurse.


We are also happy to counsel you after your stay at our hospital!

Nursing information
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