“Impuls Strömen” energy therapy

“Impuls Strömen” energy therapy

with Sonja Gilhofer


SonjaGilhofert“Strömen” is an ancient art based on the complex interplay between body and mind. With the main aim of harmonizing the life energy in the body, this technique is all about activating your energy flow and your body information.


Your energy system connects the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of your body. If one of them is off balance, it also affects the rest of your body, for instance when your heart is literally “heavy” with sadness or worries “sit heavily on your stomach”. If our body’s innate cell wisdom is freely available and our life energy is flowing, it leads to good health and harmony. If this path becomes blocked, it may lead to energy blockage and subsequently also to physical problems.


Impuls practitioners use light touch on specific areas of the body (energy pathways). This technique does not come with any risks, even in combination with other conventional medical treatments.


“Impuls Strömen” therapy helps you to maintain a healthy body and energy balance and to improve your well-being. In addition, it can be used to support all kinds of conventional medical therapies.

To speed up the healing process, Impuls practitioners can also teach you to treat yourself.


Recommended for…

  • improving your well-being, harmonizing your energy balance and activating your healing forces
  • improving various pregnancy afflictions
  • supporting parents before and after birth
  • supporting the healing process after surgery
  • supporting chemotherapy
  • many more fields of application


Dates:                         on appointment  

Duration:                    app. 60 minutes

Costs:                         € 75.- for one session

Appointments:          Sonja Gilhofer, phone: +43 664 201 32 55, email: s.gilhofer@impuls-stroemen.at




“Impuls Strömen” energy therapy
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