Our management team

Our management team

The interdisciplinary composition of the management of Administrative Director, Medical Director and Nursing Director is to ensure that management decisions are done on a balance of interests of the perspectives of different occupational groups on a broad base.

The decisions of the collegiale leadership of the clinic are supported by the primary doctors of the house as well as the respective leaders of our institutes.

Mag. Cornelia Obermeier, MAS
Administrative Director
Obermeier Cornelia

Mag. Heidemarie Dunkler-Zotter
Nursing Director
Dunkler-Zotter Heidemarie

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Fritz Nagele
Medical Director
Head of Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Nagele Fritz

Prim. Dr. Max Gosch
Assistant Medical Director
Head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care & Anesthetic Pain Therapy
Gosch Max

o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arnold Pollak
Head of the Newborn Ward
Pollak Arnold

Prim. Dr. Karl Gensthaler
Head of Surgery
Gensthaler Karl

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gottfried J. Locker
Head of Internal Medicine
Locker Gottfried

Prim. Dr. Katharina Pils
Head of the Institute for Physical Medicine
Pils Katharina

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans Jantsch
X-Ray and Diagnostic Imaging Department
Jantsch Hans

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